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i hate getting high, cause when i get high. i think. i think, think, think till my head decides to stop. but when will this happen? i have no idea.

im werid.
its almost 10 am.

im going to the gym at 11 with jessica lynne to work the fuck out. but for the mid time ill just continue doing laundry and watch some amazing tv.

maybe i should dance.

or just a cartwheel myself around today. no cars, just cartwheels.

if your read this journal entry, im sorry. it's been a while.
life is making more and more sense. jake now lives with me. and i am pretty fucking excited to go to sleep and wake up to him every morning/night.this will either make us or break us. and im pretty confident about it. this relationship is turning out to be one of the most amazing things that have ever happened to me. we took it so differently then my past ones. we knew each other for 2 years, "dated" for 7 months, then decide to get the titles after that long, it must mean something. i love him. like i can literally say i love him and mean every word of it. we didnt rush into anything and that my friends, that is fucking amazing.
so, im off the market. we made it offical and i love jake.


were perfect for each other, its disgusting

life. i was actually thinking about it on the way home, and im thankful for everyone in mine.

we watched dodgeball tonight, love that movie. tomorrow i have work 5 - 9 and thats about it.

im have this "spring break" thing all next week, and i dont have any english for the next week either.

i should definately download dreamweaver into my powerbook, right about now.

im still single, go figure. not like it matters. everyone already knew it.

i put my tongue to a 10, soon to be 8. lame, but i was happy.

not working sunday in boston SO saturday, hopefully i will have a blast.

i love when dashboard magically comes on the radio on the way home, brings a smiles across the globe.

but i should stop talking werid, and making spaces.



im kinda sketchy eh? hah. i dont know, do you?
jake should comes over and watch jungle book with me.

j n l b o
u g e o k.

whoa, k bye.
this is the way i live. <3
i definately miss toby, but i love nothing more then having mr mann by my side. im so out of it, i should be sleeping. but of coarse im not. i feel like poo. i dont want to do anything but i am work 1:30 - 10 pm tomorrow. then i wont be working til saturday :|.

i suck, night.
so theres this hott chick that should definately move to MA and spend mad time with me. cause then i'd be happy<3.
alot has changed in the past couple of days, well hours. jake shaved my head, im bald. i finally got the balls to see if we would ever be together and he said no, so i have to accept the friendship and move on, thats pretty much what i needed to hear.. so i can get these ideas out of my head.

i really need to get out of these place..

he questioned new york.. made me feel like shit.

regardless im out of here, as soon as....

i have been sniffing whatever i can get my hands on, its pretty ridiculous.


someone love me?
so, im sitting here bored out of my mind, waiting for jakey poo to call me. im such a girl. anyways, im now a offical college student once again. im taking web design 1 again and im finishing my english shit so i can carry on with this degree in applied arts. tomorrow im going back to work, my week vacation is offically over. classes start the 22nd, and i dont want to do anything but sit around and get high. :) the pass 3 days have been perfect. i drank beer... yes.. i know its odd, did shrooms, some special k, smoke alot of pot, and hung out with all my bros. im pretty hungry so, i dunno. ill just sit here and wait some more.
girls are so silly, i definately need a new location. is it friday yet? i want my sidekick 3 and a good fuck. im only work 4 hours tomorrow, and im pretty excited about that.

but i should pass out so i can get this shit over and done with, i have no clean clothes.. boo.
laundry is in order along with a body massage.

and now you said that your being honest, well your not honest.. you never could be.